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The surprising case of the Mexican who is revolutionizing the military industry with technology: ARTURO ÁVILA

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The military industry sector could not be understood without the trajectory of Arturo Ávila, leader of the IBN Industrias Militares company, a Mexican who is transforming the world in the same way that other international leaders such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezzos have done.

It is defined as a proudly Mexican who is recognized worldwide for «Yagu», a new ultralight tactical armored vehicle developed by the company Plasan and IBN Industrias Militares. This vehicle was presented at the Eurosatory 2018 defense exhibition, one of the most important events in the sector at an international level and in which it was recognized for its adaptability to multiple missions, such as special operations, border patrol, urban warfare, surveillance and missions of recognition.

While North American companies invest millions of dollars in new products that can´t be surpassed, Arturo Ávila presents himself breaking any paradigm positions himself as the new player in the defense high-tech industry in the world.

Talking about “Yagu” is also talking about him, an expert in national security, Big Data and artificial intelligence,his company is already beginning to make new adaptations to this model so that in 2020 he will have more technology that includes ballistics and vehicles, also link applications, communications and geospatial platforms. Quite a challenge for the military industry.

The construction and design of “Yagu” represents the Aztec strength, since the complexity of making it simple, adaptable and functional requires a great deal of prior design and manufacturing work; This has been the hallmark of Arturo Ávila, an entrepreneur who is making a difference and who is undoubtedly the one who determines the highest standards for this industry.

To say some of the characteristics of this vehicle in its 2018 version, it has a weight of 1.48 tons and can accommodate up to three people. It can traverse rocky and muddy terrain, sand dunes, uneven surfaces, and extreme slopes in forest environments. Its compact size allows passage through narrow roads, blocked or blocked sidewalks and stairways in urban settings.

In this 2020, «Yagu» is expected to become a low-cost option for security missions and its adaptations will allow up to 4 people to travel in this all-terrain vehicle that is made of 100 percent ballistic polyethylene that was subjected to a process of modifying molecules to become a highly resistant and functional plastic.

To make matters worse, Arturo Ávila is also an all-terrain businessman, he adapts to circumstances and that is why in this pandemic caused by Covid-19, he began to manufacture masks and develop geospatial platforms for data processing at the speed of Light

Due to his business leadership and experience in the military field, Arturo Ávila is one of the most influential characters in Mexico and continues to grow throughout the world.

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