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Camino Real Hotels will return to the “new normal” with anti-Covid protocol: Olegario Vázquez Aldir

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After the crisis that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses, public spaces and en-tertainment centers were forced to close their doors as part of public security measures, however, Olegario Vázquez Aldir reported that one of the sectors that has been most affected by this global health crisis is tourism.

Hotels, restaurants and airlines, among other subsectors, are experiencing one of the most impor-tant and difficult events in modern history, and although there have been considerable monetary losses, other companies have successfully endured this wave and have even figured out how to stay afloat,» Vázquez Aldir stressed.

Regarding the «new normal» approaching the country, Olegario Vázquez, who has been one of the most important characters in the health and tourism industry in Mexico, declared that following the required sanitation measures will be vital to fulfill the sector’s new needs.

For this reason, he announced that Camino Real Hotels, which timely complied with the health alert, will reopen completely renovated, remodeled and disinfected, and will offer health guarantees to its guests by fully sanitizing all of its hotels.

“Keeping a safe distance and implementing extreme hygiene and cleaning measures are two very important rules for a successful comeback. Prior to its reopening, Camino Real will be aligned to all of the hygienic sanitary requirements from the Ministry of Tourism to maintain the good health of its occupants”, Olegario announced.

With the help of experts on the matter, Camino Real Hotels is getting prepared to estimate the ma-ximum number of guests possible. This would increase according to the evoultion of the “traffic light” risk system of the epidemiologic transition. For example: red would be for 25% occupation, orange for 50% occupation and yellow for 75% occupation.

Some areas with high risk of concentration, that include front desks, elevators and other ammeni-ties, will have strict protocols when it comes to maximum capacity. Remote controllers, light swit-ches, thermostat control boards and door handles will be desinfected at all times. We will also en-courage our guests to use services such as online payments and room service.

“These are only some of the measures that Camino Real Hotels will be taking as a course of action. We are also looking into creating and organizing a health and protection commite which will aid us in the process of deveolping new strategies and making relevant decisions when needed. Further-more, to secure their health and service performance, all employees will be subject to thorough pro-tocols of safety and sanitization,” Vázquez Aldir said.

Olegario Vazquez Aldir confirms that, although these months have been difficult, initiatives in the fields of innovation and services have been created. These actions will continue to be implemented in order to support the tourist industry and guarantee consumer trust.

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